Förskolan Egalia


About us

EgCA-Flagga.jpg Egalia aims to be a preschool where every child always feels security, joy and a desire to learn and develop many rich expressions, where everyone feels involved and where learning is for life! Our motto is RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY AND PROFESSIONALISM.

Egalia specializes in gender equal pedagogy and this is incorporated in every aspect of our educational environment.

TED talk with Lotta Rajalin


Click on the link to see the talk from TEDx Tartuhttps://www.youtube.com/watchv=C1G1K7kJxY&list=PLsRNoUx8w3rNsdbMbEH3iTEnXIV5UUSad&index=10

Teachings for the whole life spectra


See our film Teachings for the whole lifespectra about how we work with gender equality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJH0_P42C5c

Lifelong learning in a fun and safe environment

Pyssla-tillsammans.jpeg The foundation for lifelong learning is laid in preschool. Activities should be fun, safe and educational. Every preschool should offer good educational activities where caring, nurturing and learning forms an entirety. In cooperation with the family we help each child to develop into a socially adept individual with a compassionate and caring attitude.

Parent teacher collaboration

Each semester the teachers meet parents individually to discuss the development of their child. This mutual exchange of information on how the child develops and learns as well as their general state of mind, both inside and outside the preschool environment, is important to everyone involved.
We have a parents' council, where everyone is welcome to attend. The council meets at least once per semester. It gives parents and teachers the opportunity to have more detailed discussions on the activity in the preschool. Every spring the Stockholm City Council conducts a survey amongst all parents of pre-school children. The result of the survey is the basis for our development strategies.


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