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Here you can find a selection of articles and programs about Egalia/Nicolaigården

Re: Is It a Boy or a Girl?

Arte.jpg Some Swedish schools have decided to eradicate gender based stereotypes. The Egalia school in Stockholm provides a gender-neutral education where pupils are not called ‘he’ or ‘she’ but the neutral pronoun ‘hen’.Click here!

MKRU - День в бесполом детском саду, где нет

mkru.gif MKRU from Russia writes about us! click here!

CNN - These schools want to wipe away gender stereotypes from an early age

CNN.png CNN reflects on our school profile and philosophy. To read the article click here!

BBC World Service

624.jpg Annabel Ronnehed and Lotta Rajalin speak in BBC World Service about gender pedagogics and education. Listen to it here! (minute 13:52)

New study shows children at Swedish gender-neutral preschools are less likely to gender-stereotype

uppsalalogo.jpg Egalia and Nicolaigården have taken part in a study done by Dr. Ben Kenward (Uppsala University) Read the press release here or click here to read the whole study!

Egalia in El País in Spain

el-pais.jpg Silvia Blanco from El País writes about Sweden, equality policies and equality in preschool. She interviews Lotta Rajalin and talks about the principles that Egalia is built on. Click here to read the article (In Spanish)

Nicolaigården/Egalia in the Guardian 6/2 2016: It’s all about democracy

guardian.png Inside gender neutral schools in Sweden: At five preschools in Stockholm, the idea that ‘boys will be boys’ and ‘girls will be girls’ is being challenged – with interesting results'
The article was publiched in the Guardian newspaper on the 2/6 2016. To read the article click here

Lotta Rajalin gives a TEDx talk in Tartu 21/11 2015

lotta-ted.jpg To see the talk, click here

Egalia nominated as one of the 13 most innovative schools in the world by Tech Insider magazine

EgCA-Flagga.jpg 2015: Nicolaigården and Egalia have been nominated to one of the Words most innovative schools by TECH Insider magazine. 13 schools from around the World have been selected. Nicolaigården and Egalia have been chosen for their Word with gender equality and norm critique. To know more, click here

Interview in Finnish on Swedish Radio

SR.jpg 2015: Interview with Lotta Rajalin on sisuradio, Sveriges Radio. Click here to listen to it!


BBC.png 2015: Click here to read the article from BBC.

French Documentary Il Elle Hen

Arte.jpg 2014: Release of french documentary Il Elle Hen i Frankrike describing the our work with gender equel education and norm critique. On http://www.arte.tv you can find more information and order the film

Article in New York Times: Swedish School’s Big Lesson Begins With Dropping Personal Pronouns

NYTimes.jpg Click here to read it.

Article in Times Magazine: In Sweden, Boys Won't Be Boys

Time.jpg 2013: TIME Magazine wrote an article about Nicolaigården. Click hereto read a summery of the article. Contact TIME Magazine for the full article

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