Engelsk-svenska Förskolan Skanstull

About us

Bild_099.jpg Preschool lays the foundation for lifelong learning and we at Engelsk-svenska Förskolan believe that encouraging children´s play,curiosity and desire to learn is the way to achieve this.Our preschool is characterized by an atmosphere of warmth and tolerance, where all,children and adults alike, are equally welcome and where diversity is seen as an asset.

We work in small groups,ensuring that the children can influence their day at preschool.Our unit has a common theme every year and together with the children we decide upon projects related to the theme.
While working on these projects the children can explore many fields,improving their language skills,exploring the worlds of science, maths ,IT and technology
and also developing their creative skills.
They learn to work together,sing and dance together and develop their imagination and empathy through roll-play and drama.

We have a large library with books in both Swedish and English and we also make use of Stockholm´s rich cultural resources for children by visiting libraries,theatres and museums.

We use pedagogical documentation in order to make the children´s work and learning processes visible. We reflect upon this documentation together with the children in order to further their learning and evaluate and develop our activities at preschool.


Naturally we are committed to following the recommendations of the Swedish Pre-School curriculum as regards gender, norms and values, development and learning, democracy, equal treatment and the environment. More information can be found at;



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