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Clothes after weather

We are outside every day, whatever the weather, which means that it is important for the children to have clothes that help them feel comfortable, keep their spirits up and let them move freely outdoors. A good tip is to dress your child with many layers, because it helps to keep the body dry and warm. The clothing itself doesn't provide most of the heatbut the still air between the layers does .

It's important that your child has clothes for all kinds of weather. Do not forget extra clothes for the spare box which is available on the child's shelf and don´t forget to label the clothes with your child's name!

Here is a list of good clothes to wear at the preschool.
• Soft pants and soft sweater, winter underwear, shorts and
T-shirt in summer

• Sweater and pants in fleece or wool to have under the outer winter garment

• Winter clothing; Overalls or possibly two-part, of a material that is durable and resistant to wind ,rain and snow.

• Waterproof clothing / rain clothing, any type that has elastic suspenders in order to be able to alter the length.

• Mittens. Ideally - longer gloves that can be pulled over the coverall sleeves so that they are better attached, especially on smaller children.

• Neck muffler to keep out the cold. Avoid scarves as they can easily get caught and pose a strangulation hazard.

• Comfortable shoes / winter boots / all weather boots / rubber boots, the right size! Keep in mind that there should be room for warm socks.

• Hat, which fits well on the head, protects and warms the ears and is windproof. Cap / summer hat as protection for the sun.

• Having clothes that are soft and don´t restrain the child´s movement

• Layer-on-layer principle helps make it easier for the child to regulate
temperature and keep warm

• Invest in large rain clothing so that winter clothes can fit under them and the child can still move comfortably

• Colorful clothing is easy to see in the forest !

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