Engelsk-svenska Förskolan Skanstull


The dragonflies tend to stay together and play together, apart from pedagogical activities and mealtimes when we separate into three groups. Our aim is to teach these very young children through play and example, with emphasis placed on encouraging language development, recognition of colours, basic counting and effective social interaction.


We aim to play outside every day, come rain or shine. Outdoor play encourages motor skills, exercise and an appreciation of the world we live in. At the river we feed the ducks, in the parks we collect leaves and interesting seeds and in our own playground the children have the opportunity to run, climb, slide and play in the sand-pit. We encourage social interaction between the children, promote fair play and help the children whenever needed.


We mark events on the calendar and seasons by craft projects, which are displayed on our walls or in the hallway. We also focus on a nursery rhyme or song and create craft projects around these. Children love making things; they help to improve hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills as well as encouraging an added interest in the topic.


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