Engelsk-svenska Förskolan Skanstull

East söder's

The preschools in the East Söder unit are: Fyren, Skeppet and Engelsk-svenska förskolan Skanstull.

One of our most important tasks in East Söder is to make the children feel safe and secure. We achieve this by respecting the children as individuals and by providing a stable and caring environment.
Children should know what is happening every day ,be able find their way around the pre-school facilities and know where their teachers are. Educators who work with the younger children are often found sitting on the floor at the children's level. They strive to stay as close to the children as possible , so that the children feel secure at all times.
The teachers respect and acknowledge the children's feelings. They help the children put words to their feelings, thereby enabling the children to understand and show empathy for each other. Children are encouraged by teachers to show respect and to cooperate. Diversity within the group becomes an asset that strengthens the children's empathy.

Our vision
In accordance with the pre-school's policy documents the daily activities are based on democratic principles. We promote respect for each person's value and respect for our common environment.

• Children are global citizens in a society which focuses on sustainable development.

• Every employee is a global citizen who with skill and dedication takes responsibility for the development of East Södermalm's preschools .

Based on our vision, we have created these four key values:
• Learning organization
• Equal value
• Participation
• Sustainable development

Reflection together with our colleagues is for all of us in East söder an important method in the development of our work at preschool .

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