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Excursion tips

Full Day Excursions
Children learn a lot by going on outings. It is fun and exciting. We therefore try as often as possible to make excursions to the forest, museums, theaters and parks. Remember that children should wear practical clothes that can be put on and taken off easily . Clothing should be suitable for the weather.

Sometimes the children can bring their own food.

Children love bringing their own lunch ! It's exciting and great fun to be able to decide what to bring. If you do not have the time or the opportunity to fix lunch let us know and we will help you out.

To make the picnic easy and fun for the kids we have written down a few tips.
The food should be nutritious, in line with the food that we serve at preschool. No sweets, sweet drinks or crisps.

To prevent the children spilling their drinks, it is good idea to have the drink in a cup with a lid or mug with a straw. The food should be in a lunch box or dish that is sturdy and has high edges. A good idea is to bring plastic cutlery or disposable cutlery as cutlery gets lost easily .

A food thermos is practical because it keeps the heat well and can also be be used as a plate when you eat outdoors. Good for using up yesterday´s leftovers. Food in smaller pieces is usually best.

Suggested excursion food
• Salad with eg pasta, couscous or bulgur
• Pancakes with stuffing
• Filled tortilla, flatbread or pita
• Pasties
• Grilled chicken / cold meatballs / cold sausages with potato salad and carrot sticks
• Sandwiches with toppings

Don´t forget fruit and vegetables!

• Water (perhaps flavored with cucumber, lemon, orange, or something else)
• Milk (kept cold in a thermos)
• Juice
• Hot chocolate
• Drink Yoghurt (keeps well without refrigerator)

It is wise to invest in a practical backpack with comfortable straps (that stay on the child´s shoulder without slipping) and a clasp at the front.

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