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Food at preschool

Food is important at preschool


The food which we serve is cooked at preschool by our cook Nataliya. Our goal is to use organic ingredients in all cooking as much as possible.
We eat a varied diet with meat, fish and vegetarian dishes every week. We provide other food for children who due to various allergies or religion cannot eat certain products.
We eat in small groups so that mealtimes are quiet and peaceful with plenty of time for conversation and learning. The children learn to serve themselves and pass the food on to each other. We also use mealtimes for pedagogical purposes ,counting, discussing the taste and texture of the food ,how it smells, where it comes from, how it is prepared,volume and amounts. The children also practise their social skills ,learning how to show consideration for others, taking turns and waiting for and helping each other.

We serve breakfast at 7:45 for children who have signed up the day before.

We serve lunch to the children at 11.30pm (Dragonflies) and 11.45pm (Crickets). Our lunch menu varies from week to week. We have food with influences from all around the world such as; lasagne, meat balls, curry, stews and soups, bulgur, rice and pasta.

Rough guide to our meals

Monday: Måndag
Breakfast: Porridge, milk, cheese and bread
Frukost : Gröt, mjölk,ost, bröd.
Lunch: Chicken/ kyckling.

Breakfast: Filmjölk, musli, ham(turkey) and bread
Frukost :Filmjölk, musli, skinka (kalkon), bröd.
Lunch: Sausage/ Pork- Korv/kött.

Wednesday: Onsdag
Breakfast: Grahamsgröt, milk, liver paté and bread
Frukost:Fullkornsgröt, mjölk, leverpastej och bröd.
Lunch: Soup and home baked bread/ soppa hembakat bröd/paj.

Thursday: Torsdag
Breakfast: Yoghurt, musli, egg, and bread
Frukost: Yoghurt, musli, ägg, bröd.
Lunch: Vegetarian/ vegetarisk.

Friday: Fredag
Breakfast: Porridge, milk, cheese and bread
Frukost : Gröt, mjölk, ost , bröd.
Lunch: Fish/fisk.


Our meals are planned using ecological and locally produced ingredients where possible.We have been awarded a certificate,"KRAV", for our focus on ecology and sustainable development.

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