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Gender in preschool

The preschool should counteract traditional gender patterns and gender roles.

At the English-Swedish preschool we work consciously and consistently with gender issues.

To increase the childrens self-esteem we focus on their personal qualities instead of their accomplishments, which makes them feel secure in their own identity.

We treat all children equally, encouraging them to participate in all activities .All planned activities at our preschool are gender neutral.We strive to be aware of our own attitudes towards gender never assuming that a child behaves in a certain way due to its gender.

In our daily activities, all children have equal access to the material at preschool. We mix so-called traditional boys toys and girls toys so that we don´t cement traditional roles , thereby stimulating the children and their imagination and reinforcing their identity as an individual irrespective of gender or background. In addition to that, we continually review our books and songs to ensure that they strenghten both genders.

We continuously discuss gender and equality issues and incorporate current research into our daily activities. Our unit at East Söder has a group that works with these issues with representatives from all our preschools.

Our goal is that all children shall have the same opportunities to make choices, the same rights and same obligations at the preschool regardless of gender.

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