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To start at the English-swedish preschool

Starting preschool is a major event for most children. Habits and routines change and the child will meet many new people. The purpose of the introduction is to make your child feel secure at preschool, gain confidence in the adults and feel comfortable with the other children. We also want to make you, the parents, feel welcome. We know that you are entrusting us with the most cherished person in your life and it is very important for us to gain your confidence as your trust and cooperation are vital to us and your child. You, as the parent, are the child's main source of security during the introduction. Our task is to build a positive relationship with you and your child.

Active Parental introduction
The introduction begins with a single conversation with the new parents where questions and concerns can be raised .
Together with your child , you will then be able to participate in activities, getting time to become familiar with the environment and routines. During this time it is important that you as a parent take part in all activities such as outdoor play, mealtimes and rest times .This will help your child get a positive start at pre-school. To begin with, we need you to stay close to your child at all times.

Day 1 Introduction at preschool

Day 2-4 9 a.m. to 14:00 Children and a parent (or relative) take part in the preschool's activities and routines.

Day 5-12 9:00 to 14:00 If the child seems comfortable during these days you may then be able to go away for a couple of hours. Gradually we will increase the time child spends in preschool without parental company based on how the child is coping.
Every child must be given time to learn about preschool at their own pace. Our experience is that a quiet start benefits the child, creating a sense of security and confidence.

Information on how to apply for a place with us, please go to: http://www.stockholm.se/ForskolaSkola/forskola/

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