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Opening hours

The preschool is open 7:00 to 17:30

General Information about the preschool times can be found here


Changes in opening hours

We close at 16.00 hours one day a month for staff APT (workplace meeting) and the day before "red days"(Bank Holidays).

The unit merges, ie we provide temporary preschool , tailored to the childrens needs - at the following times:
During five weeks in the summer, usually w. 28-32
The days between Christmas - New Year
Bridging days""Klämdagar"

Two days / term we close for planning / training

Opening hours at preschool: As a parent you have the right to have your child at preschool during what is called the time frame. The time frame is the maximum time a preschool school must stay open if there is a need for it. The time frame is between 06:30 and 18:30 all weekdays except Christmas Eve, Midsummer's Eve and New Year's Eve.

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