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Parental interaction

Preschool is not only for the children! Our aim is for the whole family to feel welcome and involved . As a parent, you are the most important person in your child's life and therefore you are important to us too. We want to be able to have an open dialogue with you.

The contact we have when you leave and pick up your child is valuable to us as it is then we can talk about how your child is feeling and how the day has been. You will also get information about what is happening at preschool through the weekly planning calendar in the hall,our website and info-letter, which is mailed to you ,usually once a month. We also have an instagram account which you can access when your child officially starts at preschool.

For us it is important that you as a parent feel involved. You are always welcome to come to us with questions and comments. We have a big parent/teacher meeting once a term, a survey , family days and other events and a preschool council.We offer a devlopment talk about your child´s progress once a year, more often if required. You are very welcome to join the parents association and participate in the preschool council. In the preschool council, parent representatives, teachers and the pre-school director have a dialogue about what is best for the Children during their time at preschool.

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