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A typical day with the Dragonflies.

7.45 Breakfast;
For the children who arrive before 7.45 we offer breakfast in the Dragonflies department.

9.00 Morning meeting/song time:
This is one of the times during the day to sing songs and recite nursery rhymes. Most of our songs have hand actions which accompany them, these help to improve the children's coordination and are lots of fun. Some of our children are too young to sing but nearly all learn the hand actions and are able to join in.

9.30 Outside play/ Small group activities:
We get ready to play outside, which we aim to do every day whatever the weather. All our children are encouraged to help dress themselves, according to their abilities. We either play in our cosy and well equipped garden, walk to one of our local parks or walk down to the canal to feed the ducks. We divide the children into smaller groups for pedagogical activities inside, which rotate on a daily basis.

10.00 - 10.30 Fruit Time:
Between 10.00 and 10.30 we gather together for some fruit. This is a healthy and nutritious snack to fill small tummies and keep us going until lunch time.

11.30 Story time:
We gather on our comfy sofa for a calming story time before eating lunch, prepared by Nataliya our cook.

12.00 Lunch:
We follow an 8 week rotating menu, which has been planned by Sylwia and is posted on the website and written on the weekly calendar of activities in the department.
We have three tables for mealtimes and we aim to keep the same children and teacher on each table for familiarity, comfort and social interaction. This is also an opportunity to model and encourage good eating habits.

12.30 Nap time:
Time to snuggle down for a rest. Children need differing amounts of sleep, so some will wake earlier and be able to enjoy extra free play, drawing or craft activities.

14.00 Wakey, wakey:
Children who haven't already awoken are gently woken up and we gather in the 'jumping room' for an afternoon meeting. This gives us an opportunity to play a cooperative game, listen to a story or watch a puppet show before snack time.

14.45 Snack:
A light snack and drink is provided for all the children.

15.00 Play at the end of the day:
Our pedagogical activities are finished for the day and those children remaining are able to choose activities inside or out.



A typical day with the Crickets;

7.45 Breakfast;
For the children who arrive before 7.45 we offer breakfast in the Dragonflies department.

9.00 Morning Meeting;
We take attendance and check the weather. We talk about the day, month and date. We discuss what we shall do during the day. We sing songs and play circle games.

9.30-11.30 Outside Play and group activities;
During the morning the children are divided into small groups, groups rotate throughout the week. During group activities, we work on themes, interests and individual needs. We regularly use this time for outings to one of the many parks in the area. For the older children, emphasis is placed on longer outings which sometimes include a packed lunch! At 9.30 we have a fruit break.

11.30-11.45 Afternoon Meeting;
We sing songs and reflect on what we have done during the morning. Sometimes we exercise to music, play a circle game or dramatize a song.

11.45-12.15 Lunch;
We eat a nutritious lunch prepared by our cook, Nataliya

12.30-13.15 Rest and story time;
We take this opportunity to relax while a teacher reads stories for the older children. The younger children go to rest time where they sometimes listen to pre-recorded stories or relaxing music and have a nap when they are tired.

13.15-17.00 Free play/ outside play;
This is an opportunity for the children to play freely in or outside. We try to make sure each child has the opportunity to experience in and outside play during the day. At 14.30 we have a snack.

We have a special school-training group for the children who will begin school the following autumn. We work with letters and numbers and arrange special outings to cater for the growing needs of our oldest children.


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