Engelsk-svenska Förskolan Skanstull

Welcome to Engelsk-svenska Förskolan


Engelsk-svenska Förskolan is a Swedish preschool with a strong English profile.We are situated in the heart of Södermalm at the corner of Rutgerfuchsgatan and Bohusgatan.

We use the current Swedish National Curriculum(Lpfö 10/16) as the basis for our work with the children in order to help develop their social,personal and academic skills.Through experimentation,play and creativity, the children gain an understanding in maths,science,technology, IT and culture which will give them a solid foundation in preparation for starting school.

Our cultural diversity,which is due to our English-language profile ,is one of our greatest assets giving us endless inspiration in our work with the children.

We are located at Rutger Fuchsgatan 9-11

Engelsk-svenska förskolan is included in east Södermalm's preschool
unit with Agneta Wallén as preschool director.

Preschool director
Agneta Wallén
Telephone: 08-508 13 344
Mail: Agneta.wallen@stockholm.se

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