Engelsk-svenska Förskolan Skanstull

Sustainable development

We continuously work with sustainable development and environmental awareness at our preschool, learning together how to respect and care for the world around us.

We sort garbage together with the children,learning to throw trash and recyclables in the correct containers. We regularly clean our garden with the childrens help , sometimes participating in projects organized by the local council in our neighbourhood. Moreover,much of the food consumed at our preschool is organic and produced locally where possible.

We recycle material and use it for educational purposes. PET bottles can be used in many projects as well as milk packages and household and toilet rolls provided by you, the parents. Empty foodpackages and some plastic bottles can be used by the children when they play or do artwork.

Thanks to our work with the environment, we at the English-swedish preschool are certified with the green flag which the "Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation" awards to preschools and schools who have fulfilled certain criteria as regards sustainable development.

We have also recently taken part in a Project "Kemikaliesmart Förskola" and have sanitized our premises from plastics and other materials that are hazardous for childrens health.

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